Furniture in a style that makes all the difference

The IMPERIALE collection continues the glorious furnishing tradition that spans the end of the eighteenth and start of the nineteenth centuries.
A sumptuous Corinthian capital is proposed as the central decorative element of furniture of exceptional aesthetic value.


The charm of burl and the brightness of the palest shades

One proposal finds its character in the decorative value of the grain and colour of the wood. Another is expressed through the finesse of pale tones and sophisticated decorations. Both are emphasised with delightful gilt friezes.

The collection includes pieces for both the day and night areas, offering a wide choice of truly unique furnishing elements. The Corinthian capital, a characteristic and unmistakeable detail, is hand-carved from solid wood by Grilli experts.

Olive or white ash burl highlight the beauty of the natural grain of the wood, whilst the gilt friezes mark out the contours and more decorative details. But there is also a lacquered version, which is a hymn to brightness and the most sophisticated delicateness.


Full immersion in the aristocratic dimension

Authority and representation: these are the words that best summarise the spirit running through the entire collection and all its individual elements.

A capital features on every furniture piece, faithfully reiterating the most authoritative classic style of the western world and forming the basis for geometrically unyielding furniture.

The friezes, giltwork, inlay and wood grains magnificently enhance the surfaces, adding unique and unrepeatable force to the rooms, capable of catching the eye and keeping it.