Ancient splendour discovers new harmonies

In the 1800s, all over Europe, the empire style made use of both classic and ancient decorative models.
The ROMA collection offers a system of sectional units that express luxury and monumental, inspired by the most majestic of architectures.


The privilege of furnishing that is 100%
made to measure

Gold and wood or gold and white; day and night, areas of the home or workplaces; wall panelling or single furnishing elements. The ROMA collection expresses pure sectional, allowing infinite options in terms of dimensions and details.

The style is unique and strongly recognisable, but there are endless opportunities for constructing spaces that meet your needs as regards taste, home size, intended use, pleasure and passions.

The special prerogative of the collection is that it furnishes an entire environment, whether it is the dining room, bedroom or well-equipped study, where the furniture pieces are an ideal match, in perfect continuity and unequalled elegance.


The triumph of timeless classic

The grand imperial civilisations of ancient times are back to flaunt themselves, in a furnishing design that creates its own style with an original and distinctive combination of Greek, Roman and Egyptian motifs.

The furniture shapes are inspired by architecture, whilst the severe squared and geometric lines are softened by the column capitals decorated with acanthus leaves and pillars on the front. Whether you opt for white or natural wood, a home furnished in ROMA style becomes a palace where you can enjoy life and reveal your personal success.