Sense of art and sensitivity of the soul

The LE ROSE collection is a tribute to a flowering, fragrant garden, that has the aroma of real wood, reeks of authenticity and expresses style and elegant sophistication.
The bouquet is a play on inlay animated with a breath of spring.


Wood expresses beauty
in all its forms

The bouquet of roses is carved into the solid jelutong wood, then inlaid with ash burl. The shine of gold leaf warms up every piece of furniture and every environment, gifting a formal atmosphere but one to be enjoyed every day.

There is attention to detail in all the many elements that make up the collection. A large round table invites dinner guests to conveniently serve themselves from the revolving tray set into the centre of the table top. The rectangular table comes with two extensions that can also be used separately.

The headboard and the mirror frame on the dressing table are a triumph of gold and leaves. The corner table is a little gem, adaptable to the widest range of furnishing situations. The amazement comes in discovering the special feature in every piece of furniture, revealing its small or big secret, whether functional or aesthetic.


A poetic and delicate mark of distinction

At the heart, a decorative element that impresses an original and special mark on the collection. The most noble and captivating of flowers is gathered into a superb inlaid bouquet, which finds its perfect frame in the bombé oval featured on the sideboards and display cases, on the headboards of imposing beds or in the central decoration of the tables.

All around is furniture of the utmost beauty, confirming the good taste of the homeowner and reflecting their gentle soul, creating a light but luxurious atmosphere in the day area and the night area.