Furniture in a style that makes all the difference

The DOGE collection is inspired by the most luxurious Italian and international styles. The furniture making up a complete furnishing system for day and night areas, is dedicated to those who love meticulous quality and want to stand out from the rest.
Every element of the collection is a genuine work of art, the result of expert craftsmanship.



Exquisite materials and quality finishes

Underlying the unique value of the DOGE collection are the choice of highest quality raw materials and the use of highly traditional finishes, in two interpretations: delicately lacquered white and inlaid Italian walnut.

All the furniture in the collection is made with highest quality woods, worked by expert hands and embellished with inlay and ornamental decorations that, still today, are added strictly by hand.

The day area includes the dining room, with an extravagant and sumptuous master table, and a living area rich in captivating volumes, created by the sweetest harmonies of top quality fabrics and carpentry skills. The night area offers a classic bedroom suite in which the bed is grandiose and imposing, also thanks to a capitonné headboard decorated with floral motif carvings.


Elegant and sophisticated furnishing

Every element of the collection is a genuine work of art, the result of expert craftsmanship. The environments that can be created are reminiscent of the prestigious furnishings in the sumptuous palaces of that period and an elegance that enhances everyday practicality.

From the dining room to the living room, from a bed to an entire bedroom, the collection expands to a sophisticated, scenographic total home project, ideal not only for living surrounded by beauty, but also to experience the pleasure of receiving that is the prerogative of everyone in the public eye and open to the most sparkling glamour.