Grilli is…

Over 50 years of history

For more than 50 years our company has been acclaimed throughout Italy and internationally, rooting its business in the production of furnishing solutions for use in all Interior Design environments.

Grilli’s various designers interpret the current Mood, conceived by the Artistic Director Simone Cellitti, according to subjective compositions. The new collections are constantly being developed, the main stakeholders are the designers, who create the product image with their perceptive hands. Giancarlo Vegni, Carlo Bimbi, Mario Precisi, Roberto Fidanzi, Pino Matranga: these are the protagonists of Grilli manufacturing, where the common denominator is profoundly linked to the region of Tuscany.

Traditional craftsmanship
and innovation

Today the numerous products are balanced between traditional craftsmanship and modern design, with two interpretations of taste: the Classic line, which offers the good taste of tradition, and the contemporary design of the Worldesign line.

The collections are completed by Architectural Design proposals that enhance the global vision of the Interiors concept.

From the door system and the decorative walls (textiles, wood or ceramic panelling, all fully customisable) to the packaging kits for upholstery and bed products (as well as home accessories), everything found in the product mix that Grilli presents through its Dealers in Italy and worldwide.
We are also developing agreements with local partners, to confirm both sustainability processes (from locally-sourced supplies to the selection of the materials used) and location identity as an incremental factor.

You were not made to live as brutes
(Dante Alighieri)

Made in Italy
and Renaissance Culture

The regional roots and the reference to cultural values of the Italian Renaissance echo with sophistication in the products, offering a taste of Made in Italy excellence. The flavours of the earth, the colours and the hues, in fact, recount centuries of history that cannot be wiped out by passing fashions.

Made in Italy, for organisations such as Grilli that genuinely manufacture on their own premises, must be a distinguishing factor. Knowing that history can help to transpose processes of renewal through technique, tradition and enhancement of the products provides an improved perception of the message of quality accessible to all.


Design that respects the environment

Our company carries on a constant commitment to safeguarding the environment. For years we have been using wood from certified forests to protect the habitats of wild plants and animals.

We also pay great attention to the choice of recyclable packaging material and water-based paints, without chemical solvents and without formaldehyde.

Our commitment to promote a more sustainable business model has been expanded with the installation of a 199.78 kWp photovoltaic system which in 2019 allowed us to avoid the emission of 99,482 kg of CO2.

We move towards ever more ambitious goals to ensure that our work can bring benefits not only to the space we furnish, but also to the home of all of us, our Planet.