Delicate proportions of Baroque taste

The COSTANZA collection has three different finishes, dominated by wood or the purest white or by ivory lacquering masterfully decorated by hand.
Throughout, the strong presence of a medallion created on a solid wood background.


A collection that conceals
surprising intuition

If design is the art of amicably solving the daily needs of individuals, you are in the right place. Every element of the collection has its own little secret that makes exceptionally functional.

The COSTANZA collection has three very different looks in terms of impact, though maintaining an essential singularity of concept. But especially captivating are the technical tweaks made to some of the key elements. The display case and sideboard have a special bowed-front feature that adds a touch of excellence.

Both tables can be extended with one or two extensions hidden inside. Albeit in highly Classical styles, the wardrobe has the convenience of a central sliding mechanism that increases its usability.


An honest glimpse at the recent past

There is an undeniable quality to the COSTANZA collection: it lets you choose it with tranquillity and ease. Its look, with simple elegance and style, has a reassuring impact. It has a strongly seductive capacity, presenting itself as identical throughout the line, but strongly differentiated in terms of colour.

It comes extraordinarily close to the furnishing models close to the heart of so many people, remembering times gone by and kindling nostalgia a little. Most of its charm lies in this very sincerity.