The style considered a must-have for European parlours

The RONDO’ collection draws its inspiration from 18th century Flemish style, lower sections characteristically bombé with inlay or floral motif decorations.
It is a fashion that was exceptionally widespread for centuries and is back today with new splendour.


An important high-quality
furnishing choice

All the elements in the RONDO’ collection are characterised primarily by the highly sophisticated inlay in the wood version and by the light and delicate decorations in the bright lacquered version.

Flat, wavy and bowed surfaces are the elements common to all the furniture pieces. The inlaid work in the wood version is of the highest quality, using the natural hues of the different woods, such as olive ash burl, walnut crotch and maple.

The lacquered version is embellished with exquisite decorations, all hand-varnished with quality, non-toxic paints. The collection contains all the usual elements of classic furnishing, from tables to display cases, sideboards for the day area, and from beds to wardrobes and dressing table for the bedroom.


Luxury in its most familiar interpretation

It could be the Northern European character, or the love for discretion of little Holland, but the RONDO’ collection, inspired by Flemish furnishings from the XVIII century, manages to bring together the pleasure of luxury and the value of family cosiness.

Every piece of furniture is a miniature masterpiece of quality and sophistication, yet keeps an everyday spirit that expresses the warmth of a deep aesthetic and emotional pleasantness. Intimacy and glamour find a way of expressing themselves simultaneously, making the home a treasure chest of everyday memories but also a shining stage setting.