Perfect expression of Italian culture

The lines chosen for the TREVI collection are elegant and unique, recalling images of noble times, with that late Baroque feel that also makes today splendid.


Handmade technique that rediscovers
the best of carpentry skills

The wood crafting processes perpetuate those of the most renowned Italian workshops that breathed life into rightly famous works of art. The inlaid work creates picturesque whorls that flow into gracious arabesques.

The expert use of woods, construction precision, manual experience, creative intuition and decorative skills are the characteristics that have made and continue to make Italian furniture making famous, appreciated and sought after throughout the world.

The TREVI collection is its most typical and most complete expression. A tradition which, on this occasion, extends beyond show furniture to embrace upholstery and the kitchen environment, of an unimaginable wonder never seen before.

An inestimable contribution to good taste

Interiors without ostentation, but with a perfect balance between elegance and discretion.
The finesse of the TREVI collection does not go unnoticed, especially as it expresses authority and nobility without lapsing into exhibitionism.

It is the choice for those who know their worth and translates this effectively into furnishings for use by the owners and guests alike, capable of a warm welcome but also sure to leave a distinctive impression.