Home Style

Grilli offers its interiors Concept in a
Home Interior version dedicated to those seeking
quality through lifestyle.


Past and future merge in a unique solution in which meticulous craft tradition meets innovative industrial production processes.

Grilli has been producing a quality range of interior furnishings for more than 50 years, its Home section expressing the spirit of the interior design world through its own Mood.

The Team of professionals can respond to every interior design theme, also working to highly customised plans.


Interiors echo the spirit of the people living in them.
Every solution is personalized to meet the requirements and style of the end user.

Architectural and Industrial Design come together seamlessly in a process of unparalleled attention
to detail and use of superior materials.


Kitchens are a whole world. A space to be inhabited and not just used.

A place to be experienced at the various times of day in the life of a family.

Grilli’s portrayal of the Italian family is one with a taste for design, and their furniture provides it with gusto.

Quality of life is a value we should all pursue, and Grilli aims to facilitate this process.


Bedrooms are a place of dreams. The luxury of comfort and bliss is achieved through custom design.

By carefully selecting the finest of materials and tailoring design to fit specific requirements, each room can be made to reflect the style and personality of the occupant.

In the Grilli world, we design interiors for wellness, not merely for sleeping.